Water Hygiene

Temperature monitoring

Temperature control is the primary method used in the UK to minimise legionella risk. It is critically important that hot and cold supply systems be maintained in the correct temperature ranges (below 20⁰C for cold water outlets and above 50⁰C for hot outlets). The advised monthly temperature checks are typically undertaken at sentinel points (near and far outlets) as well as other outlets typically identified in the legionella risk assessment. AEC can undertake these temperature checks either manually or remotely and interpret the results and act accordingly if action is warranted.

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Calorifier blowdown services

Calorifiers (hot water cylinders) can be a significant risk area within a water system. The calorifiers can increase the rate of bacterial growth if their temperatures are not closely managed and can accumulate a significant build-up of sludge, rust and detritus at their base through normal operation. Larger calorifiers with access hatches should be physically cleaned on an annual basis in a similar way to cold water storage tanks. However, a large number of calorifiers do not have access hatches fitted and rely on draining the ‘sludge’ at the bottom of the cylinder through activation of a drain valve. This process is called a 'blow down'.

Outlet flushing

Outlets that are rarely used (often referred to as 'dead-legs') can result in stagnant water standing in the supply pipework where bacterial levels can increase significantly. Some of these are by design (e.g. safety showers, which we hope we don’t have to use!) but other are just outlets that we use rarely such as a distant outside tap. To prevent stagnation AEC can include outlet activations as part of a water hygiene programme of visits.

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TMV servicing

Thermostatic mixer valves (TMV's) are used commonly to blend hot and cold water supplies and deliver water to outlets at a safe temperature (typically 41⁰C to 43⁰C for hand washing). These are commonly applied for safety reasons and to prevent scalding, especially in areas where vulnerable or infirm persons are using the water supplies (e.g. sheltered accommodation, hospitals etc.). It is strongly recommended that TMV’s are serviced on an annual basis.

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