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Why AEC are supporting Blossom's Legacy


Each year AEC staff choose a charity in which to raise money for. This year we chose Blossom’s Legacy. We’ve planned fundraising events throughout the year in a bid to raise as much money as possible and so far we have competed in the Salford Triathlon and are in the midst of a Blossom’s bake-off challenge!

29 AEC bakers are competing for 29 weeks to create savoury and sweet delights in a bid to raise as much money as possible for the wonderful Blossom’s Legacy. The charity has been formed to raise funds to educate, encourage and embody children with the skills and tools to allow them to be able to learn to swim from a very early age.

Over the summer holidays, Blossom’s ran a Water Safety Program, which consists of children aged 4-5 visiting their local pools for training in self rescue techniques.

The Program is divided in to 2 parts and delivered every day for 5 days. The children are split in to two groups of 10-15, half spend 30 mins in the water with 3 swimming teachers learning how to float should they enter water accidentally, the other half pend 30 mins in a class room to learn the dangers of water and how we stay safe around water. They then do a quick change and rotate. The parents of the children completing the course are also offered, free of charge, the chance to learn CPR for children.

The program costs around £1000 per 30 children, so fundraising is vital to enable these schemes to continue throughout 2019.

By the end of the school year, over 10,000 children will have been issued with a CPR card to take home, these cards hold essential emergency information and contact details to help people stay safe whilst out and about with their children.

We’d love your support to continue to educate children on water safety, please donate

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