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Water hygiene management in properties during COVID-19

In light of the serious restrictions placed on businesses as they respond the coronavirus emergency, AEC would like to provide guidance on how to manage the water hygiene and Legionella risks in your properties.

Many organisations are locking down their buildings and either reducing the number of staff working in them or completely closing their buildings for an indefinite period of time until normal working can be resumed.

This can pose problems in terms of legionella risk that can be amplified by poor water usage within buildings or complete stagnation of the water supply systems as well as potential physical problems with the water assets such as cold water storage tanks, water heaters, supply pipe work and water outlets that are not falling under an appropriate servicing and maintenance regime.

Depending on your building occupancy patterns and your policy/plan for eventual reoccupation of your buildings, We can assist you with a range of services designed to minimise legionella risk and maintain your compliance with the law.

The services will include;
* advice on appropriate safe water management strategies to suit your short to mid-term needs
* ongoing water system management services that include elements such as outlet activations, temperature monitoring, water sampling, asset inspections, isolations, servicing and maintenance
* system cleaning and disinfection prior to building reoccupation including updated legionella risk assessments

However you manage your properties during the current crisis, AEC can offer a pragmatic and cost effective service to ensure that your properties stay in compliance with the law and that your people are safe when they return to work.

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