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The Big Charity Channel Swim 2017

Mandy Reid, one of our directors is taking on the huge challenge of swimming the English Channel in a bid to raise money for our nominated charities – The Wood Street Mission and Medical detection dogs.

During the week of 15th August, Mandy and the rest of the team will be anxiously waiting to hear what day the swim will take place. The date of the race is determined by the tide so the team have only 8 hours’ notice to get to their destination and start the race!

This year will be Mandy’s second channel relay swim and she trains most evenings with her long distance swimming club “Warrington Dolphins” averaging 6-7 hours every week.

A channel relay crossing involves a team of swimmers who must swim in the same order and spend an hour each time they enter the water in an attempt to swim from the white cliffs of Dover over to France. It is a strict regime on the boat (rules in accordance with CSPF – Channel Swimming and Piloting federation)  and all swimmers must take their turn to get in the water and swim to get closer to the destination. The swimmers pass ferries / cargo ships and sometimes are lucky enough to swim with a dolphin and/ or the odd sea lion. A downside to the swim is the sea sickness on the boat whilst waiting to get into the water.

In 2010 the team did it in 14 hours and 4 minutes

In April, the team start outdoor swimming training in Budworth Mere (Budworth Sailing Club, Near Northwich) to get used to the cold water and swimming outside. Wetsuits are strictly forbidden by CSPF when swimming the channel so it’s important to get used to the cold water in your costume. 

Team manager – Andy Wright (not swimming) 

Mandy Reid
Jonathon Gatley
Karen Hodgkins
Faye Hodgkins
Julie Trevor
Barbara Harding 

If you’d like to support Mandy and the team please visit our Justgiving page



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