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New BOHS P304 course

We are delighted to offer a new BOHS course - P304 COSHH - Fundamentals of Risk Assessment and Control

What is the objective?
This qualification is designed to give candidates an understanding of how the COSHH risk assessment process can be used to prevent and control health risks in the workplace.

Who is it for?
Anyone who is responsible for managing health risks in a place of work. This includes:

Occupational hygienists.
Health and safety practitioners.
Managers and other duty-holders under COSHH.

What are the entry requirements?

Before taking the qualification, candidates should have a basic awareness of the requirements of the COSHH Regulations. This can be gained from relevant Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidance documents and leaflets (see Section 7), or other sources such as the COSHH Essentials e-tool. Candidates also need basic literacy and numeracy skills.

Candidates must pass two assessments:
Formative practical assessment.
Written theory examination

3 Day Course

14-16 March 2018

If you would like further information please contact or you can book a place through our online booking system

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