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Compliance in schools - are you September ready

Is your school compliant and fully prepared to reopen in September?

AEC would like to provide guidance on how to manage the water hygiene and Legionella risks in your properties and prepare for any asbestos works over the summer holidays.

Legionella Guidance

Your building occupancy patterns may have been running with reduced numbers and you are in the midst of planning for September when schools will return to 100% occupancy.

Low occupancy can pose problems in terms of Legionella risk that can be amplified by poor water usage within buildings or complete stagnation of the water supply systems as well as potential physical problems with the water assets such as cold water storage tanks, water heaters, supply pipe work and water outlets that are not falling under an appropriate servicing and maintenance regime.

In order to protect your students and staff, it is vital to ensure your water systems are compliant before opening.  

AEC water hygiene team can assist you with a range of services designed to minimise Legionella risk and maintain your compliance with the law.

  • system cleaning and disinfection 
  • policy, procedures and risk assessment guidance 
  • ongoing water maintenance e.g. outlet flushing, temperature monitoring, servicing

Asbestos Guidance

If you are planning refurbishment works this year, did you know it is your legal duty to have an asbestos survey before any construction work can take place at your premises. 

What are refurbishment and demolition surveys?

Refurbishment surveys

This survey type is required where the premises, or part of it, are due to be refurbished by means of extension or remodelling etc, it is fully intrusive to the areas affected by the proposed refurbishment.

Demolition surveys 

‚ÄčThis survey will involve intrusions into the all elements of the construction that is to be demolished,  i.e. breaking into all sealed voids and cavities in order to identify any hidden asbestos containing materials located within the fabric of the building as far as is practicable.

In particular, if your school is a 'system building' which was built between 1945 -1980, asbestos containing materials were widely used during construction so an asbestos  survey is compulsory.

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AEC are based in Manchester and Essex and have been supporting schools, colleges and universities across the UK with their asbestos management for over 23 years. We are UKAS accredited to ISO 17025 and members of the Legionella Control Association.

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