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Are you looking for a practical training facility?

As one of the leading training providers in the safety and environmental consultancy industry we are delighted to have launched what we believe to be one of the first of its kind, a unique practical training facility and a 'Hazard House'.

Our purpose built training facility will allow our training course delivery, for asbestos and Legionella vocational courses, to be taken to a new level incorporating lots of realistic, practical interaction for our delegates which will prepare them for the real world. 

How will the unique HAZARD HOUSE benefit our delegates?

Our new training facility allows delegates to interact with mock asbestos installations and Legionella hazards in situ within a realistically sized and constructed building.

Our facilities includes:

• More than 180 different mock-asbestos product locations

• 6 dedicated training pods, offering interactive access to support asbestos sampling and surveying best practices and non-licensed asbestos removal.

• A pre-built full size asbestos removal enclosure and a decontamination unit with viewing panels, allows training delegates to experience a realistic asbestos removal/remediation environment

• Water system hazards with real examples of cold water storage tanks, calorifiers and pipework

To book a training course or to find out more about the facilities call our team on 0161 872 7111 

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