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Why not try our Free Health and Safety Gap Analysis? It's an ideal entry point for any organisation that is just starting out on its health and safety journey.

Simply click here to get started. Complete the questions and return to us - we will do the rest. We will carry out the analysis and provide you with your report, showing baseline compliance levels in some of the key areas for health and safety in the workplace.

Our field team is also available to undertake a free of charge gap analysis in your workplace. If you would prefer a visit by a member of the team service call us now on tel. 0161 872 7111 or Contact Us Here.

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Health and Safety Compliance Audit

Our expert consultants can carry out full compliance audits to ensure organisations are complying with current health and safety law. We provide a same day detailed report, with recommendations for achieving the requirements of the latest regulations. Our service also includes an annual review, as recommended under HSE guidance HSG65. This assists organisations to remain up-to-date and provides advice and support to make improvements. 

Our audits are an important step in protecting workers and the business alike, as well as compliance with the law. They help focus on the risks and issues that may occur and certainly identify any ones that could lead to potential harm. Therefore, our audits are a simple and careful examination of potential hazards and risks, and identification of precautions and measurements to prevent harm or injury.  

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