Asbestos In Soils

Asbestos In Soils - The Hidden Problem

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Asbestos In Soils Training

Asbestos awareness for soils and construction and demolition materials (half a day) AEC have expanded their asbestos awareness courses to specifically cover the awareness of asbestos in soils, made-ground and construction and demolition materials. Essential for geotechnical engineers, plant operators, civil engineering contractors and ground workers.

Non-licensed training for land remediation contractors (1 day) AEC have developed the non-licensed training to cover work for land remediation contractors working on asbestos-contaminated sites.

Asbestos in soils and contaminated land (1 day) A one-day course covering investigation and risk assessment of asbestos-contaminated soils and sites, including waste classification and land remediation. This course will cover the current HSE and EA legislation and guidance, assessing risk to health from asbestos in soils and how to assess the land, analysis types and interpretation, and remedial actions.

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