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BOHS/OHTA W504 - Asbestos and other fibres

£1015 ex VAT & a BOHS exam fee of £140 per delegate

Syllabus/Course Structure and Assessment

The main subject areas of the course are:

This is an international qualification, so UK legislation is not covered in great detail, (unlike in the previous S301 course). The course enhances the delegate's knowledge of occupational hygiene practice in relation to fibrous dusts. The module concentrates on asbestos but also covers other fibres which are increasingly finding uses in industry, e.g. MMMF, aramids, etc.

Who is this course suitable for?

The course will benefit those working in asbestos consultancy as well as mainstream occupational hygiene, giving an understanding of the health risks associated with asbestos and other fibres as well as the means of evaluation & control.

Course Timing

Duration: 5 days

Start time: 9am on course day, 1pm start for exam

Finish time: Approximately 4pm

Written Exam: Open book student manual only, 40 Questions - 2 hours

Formative Practical Assessment

Location - Manchester

Location - Essex

Quality Assured

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