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Asbestos Awareness for the Engineering Industry

1/2 day duration (4 GLH)
£65 ex VAT per delegate

Syllabus/Course Structure and Assessment

Asbestos Awareness training is a legal requirement for any worker who may encounter asbestos during their work.

Modules will provide relevant and detailed knowledge about the dangers of asbestos, the products that contain asbestos, what it looks like, where it may have been used and the practical steps that can be taken to reduce their risk of exposure. In addition to common mandatory modules, learners will also choose a selection of modules relevant to their occupational pathway.

Pathways include:

This course will cover the subject of asbestos safety and will partly support the following mandatory knowledge element of most engineering apprenticeships: "Understand relevant industry health and safety standards, regulations, environmental and regulatory requirements".

Who is this course suitable for?

This course is aimed at supporting engineering apprentices and T-Level learners who are taking their first steps into a workplace environment.

Course Timing

Duration: 4 hours

Assessment: An electronic or paper-based assessment consisting of 20 multiple choice questions, taken under examination conditions.

End-Point Assessment Organisation: Joint awarded by AEC and EAL

Quality Assured

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